Finn Hill View Lot

Site: This home is located on top of Finn Hill in Kirkland. The site is divided into an upper and lower yard. The transition between the two was insignificant and was not in scale with this yard. Both yards were wide open, flat expanses of lawn or blackberries, exposed to neighbors and the street. The lower yard elevation was 2 feet above the recreation room landing. The client wanted to expand the existing covered deck and small patio, and create a functional space for both kids and adults.

Solution: The yard is no longer a large expanse of lawn and blackberries. The 2 feet of soil was removed from the lower yard and used for the waterfeature berm. Additional berms were added to create depth. The outdoor structure now has plenty of room for many guests to join around the wood burning fireplace or at the bar near the BBQ. Seamless transitions were created with bluestone paths and the enlarged bluestone patio to connect interior spaces, outdoor rooms and the upper and lower yards. Kids can enjoy the hardscape of the patio, growing their own plants in the veggie beds, roasting marshmallows in the firepit or playing on their relocated play structure set back from the street. Planting is used to further define the spaces, and give privacy from the street.